Tripadvisor Tips When You Lose Google Ranking

Back in about 2008, sisters Eng and Buay moved to Bangkok, and over five years they slowly grew their tour business. They created a website, and started growing a decent year round tourism business.

tripadvisor marketing tips from LJ BizNow, there are low seasons and high seasons in Thailand, and their focus was not only on day tours, but also on multi-day tours. Their base was in Bangkok, and let me tell you, it’s pretty darn competitive in Bangkok. There are currently in TripAdvisor, 366 activities listed in Bangkok alone, and out of that, 105 sightseeing tours.

So do they have competition? You bet.

Google’s Dangerous Search Engine Dance

Google Penalty checker for .tourismSo like most of us, we rely on a good search engine and working at getting our Google ranking up. Yeah, it would be great if we didn’t have to rely on Google and be engaged with that, but it does make a difference on our rankings.

So in 2012, Google started doing some pretty serious changes of how they rank websites. Now, Eng and Buay, they were still the same company that they’ve always been. They’ve been providing great service. They had happy clients. They were doing a little bit of business development in other areas with little TripAdvisor marketing and a social media. They were in Facebook, but most of their traffic was from Google. With Google’s’ changes they lost ranking and 40% of their traffic.

So this is pretty devastating. It’s nothing to do with how they work or who they are, but it’s just the environment we work in. It’s like a natural disaster, stuff happens, especially for those of us in the active outdoor field. That’s why they call it adventure travel, shit happens.

By the way, Eng and Buay website is LJ Biz, Bangkok soft adventure and cultural tours.

So anyway, so what did they do about their huge Google search engine ranking drop? Eng and Buay had bought my Tourism Marketing Success course about a year before that and then they’ve decided to hire me for some marketing. We worked on some of the topics that I’ve been talking with you about.

 Tripadvisor Tips to Increase Bookings and Sales tripadvisor tourism marketing

First and foremost we wanted to make sure how we get more leads and sales from existing traffic, so that was number one. We worked on getting higher retention, more page views and more leads. We worked on getting more quality traffic that’s interested in our type Thailand tours and convert a higher percentage of that traffic.

The answer, of course, was TripAdvisor. Yes, it’s super competitive. Yes, there is a bunch of other tour operators there, but it was a matter of us slowly and systematically working on gaining more reviews and more favorable reviews by implementing a relatively simple and easy process.

So what happened for them? Well, in over a year’s period, they went from being about number 80 of Bangkok activities to about number 14, and they went from a ranking of about #45 in sightseeing tours into the top 10. They’re currently number 7 which I’m thrilled to see.

What Was The Secret to Their Best Off-Season Bookings?

So what does this mean to them? Last year in 2013 during the slow season of May through September, they had their best slow season ever. Their overall business turned out not to be down, but a little better, even though they had lost 40% of their traffic.

So what I want to leave you with today is that diversification is key, and TripAdvisor is an awesome choice. What we know about TripAdvisor visitors is that they’re absolutely looking for what you are selling.

Reviews always have been and always been more powerful than anything before to convert travel shoppers into buyers. It’s like Google. We can’t change it. It’s the giant elephant in the room, so you better get used to it.

Are there people that are making false reviews? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you stop participating in the game. In my Travel Business Success blog, I did a post a while back with TripAdvisor tips to help marketing. Coast to Coast Tourism Auckland had some pretty tough thing to say. They didn’t think that TripAdvisor worked fairly, and that necessarily more reviews didn’t equal higher ranking.

Yeah, it would be great if tripadvisor just looked at your past ranking, but it’s like any business, you’ve got to keep on planting seeds. You cannot rest on your laurels. Someone will pass you by. You’re in a business, and business has competition.

I think today’s travel consumers are smarter than ever. They will read the crappy reviews. They will read the good reviews. If they see that you don’t have any reviews for a while because you didn’t ask for them, then people are going to forget about you. People’s attention span is pretty limited. I don’t think it’s rude at all to ask for a review.

Tripadvisor Readers are Tripadvisor Reviewers

tripadvisorSavvy travelers appreciate reading reviews from other travelers. It helps them too that TripAdvisor buyers are also TripAdvisor reviewers. I just want to close on saying of all the clients I’ve worked with over the years, especially some of the higher end travel operators, they have all told me consistently;

“100% of the people who buy the tour, book the trip, all read TripAdvisor reviews.”

So like it or not, you’ve got to start getting involved or improve your involvement with tripadvisor.

Later on, I’m going to start giving you some more case studies and more Tripadvisor  tips. These tips have helped many tourism operators to easily and quickly to increase their leads, increase their sales and ultimately, lower their marketing costs. Diversify your traffic sources. Do not be stuck on what Google is doing and prosper.

Tourism Tim signing off. Have a great day!

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Travel Website Marketing: Why Traffic is NOT the answer to Increased Sales

How many of you think that if you just had better ranking or increased website traffic, you would book more trips, fill more rooms or increase arrivals?

A bet a lot of you.Travel website Marketing tips for Google

This is only partially true…but mostly an illusion that can get real expensive and fast with SEO ( search engine optimization). And even after spending a bunch of time and money trying to increase travel website traffic, leads and sales, you may not have much to show from your big investment…

Can you relate?

Nobody knows what Google is going to do next with their search engine algorithms… That’s why I recommend you invest in proven travel website marketing that you control. It is more fun and profitable too.

Below are three tips and tools that can help you more than double your leads and sales – and without ANY increase in ranking or traffic.

Click on the audio player below to listen to this short audio tips I did for my Australian associate Manny Papadoulis host of the iTunes podcast Tourism Briefs.

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Download MP3 Travel Website Marketing Tips Here


Travel Website Marketing Tips Highlights & Case Study

1.    Sign up for a FREE Google Analytics account

  • Why measuring monthly your travel website site and visitor web use in Google Analytics is key
  • You cannot improve, what you can’t measure.


2. Measure your monthly leads, source of leads and what converted to sales.

  • Then you can easily calculate your “ Lead” & Sales conversion rate”. Plus then you’ll know where your best leads and sales are coming from.


#3   it’s all about Conversion: So how much more can you make in sales & revenues by just increasing conversion?  Here’s an example:

  • To keep it in alignment with many of your travel websites, I have used some conservative numbers based on 1000 monthly website visitors and US$500 gross income per sale.

Many of you may get about 4% of total web visitors turn into leads

Travel website marketing tips sales funnel for Tourism marketing

1000 web visitors

 x .04

40 leads from your travel website  


If you convert 20% of those 40 into sales. 

40 Leads

x .20

8 sales monthly x US$500  = $4000 or US$48,000 per year


How to Increase Sales US$60,000 Without Much Effort or Cost

Here is how small improvements in your travel website marketing lead and sales conversions, with the same amount of web traffic, radically increases sales & revenues:

So what if you increased your leads to just 6% of total web visitors?

1000 web visitors

 x .06

60 leads from your travel website


Then if you convert 30% of those 60 into sales, look what happens:

60 leads

x .30

  18 sales monthly x $500 per sale  = $9000 x 12 = $108,000

This is a $60,000 difference every year just by making small copy and layout improvements (that tap into proven “mental triggers”) on your website to increase both lead capture and sales conversions. The secret behind these “mental triggers” is called “Social Proof”.

What is Social Proof and how does it increase lead generation & sales conversion on your travel website?

One of the best ways to communicate “social proof” is with word of Mouth advertising, testimonials, awards, and reviews in tripadvisor and more. This Nielsen study proved that this is the most effective and trusted form of travel advertising. That is why you should put your focus in creating a “Travel Website That Sells before you spend a lot of effort and money on SEO.


What is a “Travel Website That Sells”?

To achieve a “Travel Website That Sells” you must tap into travel shoppers’ mental triggers. They want to know in about 7 seconds that you are:

  1. Experienced
  2. Provide quality experiences and service
  3. And safety is your #1 concern.

There are many more proven elements that go into profitable travel website marketing and a travel website that sells.  The good news is most of them are simple and easy, even if you are not Internet marketing savvy.

To learn more about how radically improve your website leads and sales conversions fast & easy using these proven “mental triggers”, check out my Tourism Marketing Success Online program.

travel website marketing courseBe sure to watch the short videos and read comments from fellow tourism professionals and what they experienced about generating more leads, sales and profits by tapping into “mental triggers* and using social proof in their travel website marketing.  (These happy customer comments are also great samples of “Social Proof”)

This top selling program will show you how you can increase sales online fast & easy… using ideas that you can implement in less than two hours, even if you have no experience in Internet marketing. It is comes with a 60 Day Risk free trial, 100% money back guarantee.


What is your experience with spending money on search engine ranking and increasing sales? Has it profitably increased your sales, bookings or arrivals?

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