3 Top Tourism Leadership & Management Tips with Executive Coach Sabrina Braham

Do you think you know the top 3 business skills guaranteed to increase your travel, tour or hospitality business success?  I bet you will be surprised….

Tourism Leadership Coaching with Sabrina Braham

** Sabrina Braham MA PCC ** Tourism Leadership Coach

Listen today and learn the same skills that great business leaders use like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, Warren Buffett, richest businessman in the world, Howard Schultz and Chip Conley, global head of hospitality and strategy for Airbnb.

According to top research, your ability to clearly envision your business (dream, purpose, plan, scope), communicate it and enroll your team (including vendors, suppliers, partners, stakeholders), is a best practice of the most successful and profitable businesses in the world.

Can you relate to this?

I hate to say it, your abilities (or lack of them) to manage and lead others, (especially yourself) is part of the 3 top reasons why travel and hospitality businesses and careers struggle or fail…

Good news. You can learn to communicate, lead and manage yourself and others better.

In this issue of Travel Business Success Radio, I interviewed Fortune 1000 executive coach (and my wife) Sabrina Braham MA CPC (Certified Professional Coach) on top tourism leadership and management tips you can put to use right now.

All the brilliant travel marketing in the world (and you know I LOVE Marketing), will not help you, if don’t follow these 3 simple leadership and management tips Sabrina shares during this short fun video interview.

Tourism Leadership & Management Topics Include:

  • Customer Service
  • Leadership Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Core Values
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Operational Systems
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communications
  • How to Get Promoted

Tourism Leadership “Soft Skills”

These tourism leadership “soft skills” are a muscle in your brain you can develop. Invest in your abilities to vision with clarity, empower others and grow yourself. It will help you go far – guaranteed!

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Adventure Travel Public Relations Case Study Yields $100K in 3 Weeks

Are You a Tour Operator, Lodge Owner, Travel Agent or DMO That Needs to Book More Trips or Increase Arrivals?

Join me today and find out how my small tour operator client booked $100k in sales in only 3 weeks using very effective adventure travel public relations as a key element in his tourism marketing.


Episode #56 of Travel Business Success Radio podcast is an interview and case-study on how one well-done travel press release on Baja whale shark tours, professionally handled, and followed-up on, yielded a joint client of my guest and myself almost a US$100,000 in bookings in only three weeks.

Want to know how we did and you can too? Read on and listen below.

Adventure Travel Public relations Case study with Dave Wiggins and Tourism TIm Warren

Dave Wiggins & Tourism Tim happy about US$100K in new bookings flying back from Baja

This record amount of bookings was the results of a long-term investment in adventure travel public relations and professional follow up. At the end of the day, the client booked a whole bunch of trips in just three weeks.

So he’s super happy, I’m real happy and my special guest Dave Wiggins is very happy too.

Dave Wiggins is a personal friend and associate with 33-year adventure travel industry and media expertise that I’ve worked with on many projects over the years. Dave’s ability to create effective travel press releases and build relationships with travel journalist and editors that yield profitable media trips and article is first class. More info on Dave Wiggins here.

Adventure Travel Public Relations Successes: Interview Highlights

  • How an adventure travel press release resulted in a San Diego Union feature story and US$100K in new bookings
  • Where else did Baja AirVentures earn over four million impressions
  • Why smaller travel press releases pickups collectively equal huge website traffic, increase search engine ranking and bookings
  • Dave’s recommendation on having a press room, or press page on your website that links to old press releases and articles
  • How to work out a win/win travel journalist media trip that yields success
  • Learn how to get $1,000’s in quality images and videos free, plus a great article from a media trip
  • Where does getting endorsement and Tripadvisor reviews fit into a media trip?
  • Why this feature article helps this tour operator and ecolodge owner establish more credibility and broad global awareness forever.
  • Want to read the entire Adventure Travel Public Relations Case Study transcripts?  Get them here.

adventure travel public relations $100K Case Study



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