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How did this soft adventure and cultural tour operator increase bookings 200% and have their best off-season ever, even though they lost 40% of their Google ranking?


Travel Business success marketing tips from LJ BizThai tour guides and sisters Eng and Buay always dreamed of owning their own tour business. When they started their tour business, LJ Biz seven years ago, it slowly grew, mostly through the Internet and travel agents.

But then Google changed how they rank websites and they lost 40% of their tour business website traffic! Has this happened to you? For a travel business, this could be devastating…

Fortunately Eng & Buay had been growing other much better online traffic channels with my guidance. The quality of this traffic was so good, they increased their direct bookings 200% AND it gave them their best off-season ever.

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 In this episode of Travel Business Success Podcast, adventure travel business operators Eng & Buay, owners of LJ Biz share some of their insights they learned working with me as their consultant and coach.

Tourism marketing & travel business success topics we cover:

  • How this adventure travel business had their best off-season ever because of their active tripadvisor marketing strategy and top reviews.
  • Why getting lots of social media reviews and comments will increase your quality leads, sales and your search engine ranking too.
  • How to avoid losing travel website traffic, even if you have lost Google ranking


Tripadvisor Tourism Marketing Tips Travel business success or struggle with tripadvisor?

  • How to get more reviews from happy clients.
  • Customer follow-up tips to earn more reviews.
  • Why tripadvisor leads our 300% better for travel website page views, leads and sales.
  • How this adventure travel tour operator improved their tripadvisor rankings from # 89 to # 7 in “Bangkok sightseeing tours” in less than nine months.


Tripadvisor or Google. Hate them or love them?

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Travel Business Succcess Podcast with Tourism Tim

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Tourism Internet Marketing Top 3 Mistakes

Are you spending a lot of money on your tourism Internet marketing to get your website ranked and increase traffic…and not getting bookings?

tourism internet marketing with Tourism TimIf you answered yes, you are not alone. You may be suffering from one, if not all three of the top tourism Internet marketing mistakes made worldwide that hurt your sales and could kill your travel business dream.  For simple tips to increase your travel bookings online, read below and listen to my Travel Business Success Podcast #50 below.

What Are The Top Three Tourism Internet Marketing Mistakes?

Most travel and hospitality businesses spend a lot of money and time to attract prospects to our website, through advertising, social media, trade show exhibiting and more. But does this guarantee converting these website visitors into leads and bookings. No.

 But when you follow these 3 tips below, you will radically increase your sales, referrals and repeat business, while substantially lowering your marketing costs and time.

I have summarized the top three tourism Internet marketing mistakes based on e-mails or conversations I’ve had with tourism professionals worldwide.

#1 “If I have more traffic to my travel website, I know my sales would increase…”

Travel Internet Marketing tips for Google

This is an illusion! Yes traffic as in important. But if it does not generate a lead and ultimately a booking, it’s a big waste of your money and time.

Traffic is the easy part of tourism Internet marketing. But where the profit is, is in the percentage of new website visitors that become prospects and sales.


2 important tourism Internet marketing questions:

1:     What percentage of your total website traffic is being captured as a prospect?

2:     What percentage of your prospects ultimately converts into a sale?

travel website marketing course So if you’ve been putting all your energy into search engine optimization and pay per click advertising and not looking closely at the how many leads and sales conversions from your website, you’re wasting your money.

 The Online Travel Marketing Solution:

Invest in creating a travel website that sells”, that converts visitors into leads and ultimately sales. You will be smiling all the way to the bank.

#2 “Why should I do any follow-up with prospects?”

For most travelers, where they go and where they stay… is not spontaneous. Today’s travelers do 97% of their travel and vacation research online. This happens over time.

Converting a travel prospect into a new booking requires nurturing over time. So you need to develop a relationship so your prospects start to get to know you.

Someone who knows and trusts you is far more likely to book with you. So when you get a lead, follow-up immediately. And if they don’t book right away, add them to your database with information about them and continue to develop that relationship over time.

This can include occasional e-mails with helpful information and news, direct mail, informational webinar, social media connections and of course phone and Skype. You don’t want to annoy them. You just want to stay in touch so that when they do make the purchase decision they think about your first.

#3:  I don’t have time to stay connected with alumni or asking for referrals…”.

Recently I interviewed my long time friend and award-winning tour operator Dan Austin with Austin Adventures Travel Business Success Podcast. Dan said that one couple has returned 52 times for their many tours!

The only reason that happened is that he stays connected with his alumni on an ongoing basis.

One of the best parts about staying connected to happy guests is the repeat bookings and referrals you can get. This will only happen when you make an effort to stay connected. This one strategy alone accounts for a huge percentage of business for Dan and many savvy travel professionals I know.

This Is Where Tourism Social Media Really Shines

When you have happy guests that are friends with you on Facebook, liking your postings and pictures, posting tripadvisor marketing for tourismpictures of their own, giving positive reviews on Tripadvisor, sharing on Google + and so much more, then the quality and the quantity of leads and sales conversions skyrocket

 If you want to really take your tourism Internet marketing to a new level, take a look at these proven strategies that will increase prospects, sales conversions and referrals. And the best part is, you will actually end up spending less money on marketing and less time selling.

Work on these three and I promise you, you will transform your business and enhance the quality of your life.


 What’s working well for you to increase your travel prospects or hospitality sales online?

 We want to know. Please take a moment and share in the “Leave a comment” box below so we can all learn and be inspired.

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