Small Hotel Marketing Secrets | How to Book More and Lower Costs

 Small Hotel Marketing

How to Increase Your Bookings and Positive Reviews for Hotels, Lodges & Tour Operators

What is the #1 thing that nearly 100% of travel shoppers do BEFORE they book a tour, resort, hotel or decide where to go? Find out below & prosper.

small hotel marketing

Tourism Tim & Sabrina in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Over the last 22 years I have interviewed or consulted with over one hundred global travel, tourism and hospitality professionals, especially the high-end market. I have learned many things. One thing I can tell you for sure is, almost 100% of travel consumers who actually made a travel or leisure purchasing decision, read social media reviews. It is positive reviews that are one of the key influences that help them choose one operator or one property over the other.



So what are the secrets to getting more positive reviews and more bookings? How can you improve your tour operation or small hotel marketing?


Small Hotel Marketing success: The Peaberry Chiang Mai, ThailandRead on and listen to Travel Business Success Podcast #55 below for a short interview with the owner of the Peaberry hotel, a small Thailand hotel in Chaing Mai my wife and I stayed at. I noticed that they had very high ranking in TripAdvisor as well as, and stays busy year round, in spite of a VERY competitive local lodging market. I was delighted the manager Kishore Ladsaria, was willing to share with you and me some of his secrets to small hotel marketing success. I’ve included the actual transcript of the interview to read, learn and prosper.

Travel Business Success #55: Summary Highlights

  • What is the foundation  of everything they do to increase bookings and positive social media reviews?
  • What is their strategy on communication right from the first exposure to the new potential guest that helps generate more bookings?
  • How long should the average response time be when get an e-mail?
  • Kishore share secrets on how to train and motivate your staff to be so customer-oriented.
  • What is “internal customer service” and why is it one of the most important investments you should make in your tourism business?
  • Why are reviews in Tripadvisor, Yelp,, etc. one of the key influential things that convert travel shoppers into travel buyers of one operator or one property over the other?


What is your #1 customer service question or suggestion?

 Please post them below the audio player at the bottom of the page in the Facebook Comments window. We’ll get back to you with more answers and advice.


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Tour Guide Careers | How to Be a Great Guide Audio Interview

How to be a Successful Tour Guide

Tour Guide Career & Skills Advice

Are you looking for a career as a tour guide?  Do you hire tour guides in your business?  Want tips to improve your skills and your tour guide career?


Then this fun and insightful interview will help your tourism career or your tourism business succeed with one of the most positions in any tour business – tour guides.

 tour guide Tourism Tim & Sabrina Warren

Tourism Tim & Sabrina Warren as Tourist

My wife Sabrina and I went to Thailand and Laos recently to run a tourism marketing training and to be a tourist too. We had the good fortune to have many great tour guides provided to us by my client LJ Biz who runs soft adventure and cultural tours in Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. 

One of these great tour guides Kusula Arkan (Tina) has been a professional tour guide for 25 years.  In this short audio interview Tina shares great wisdom and tips on how to be a great tour guide. Listen today (below).

Sitting inside of a Buddhist temple on a hot afternoon in the Golden Triangle at the top of Thailand,  I interviewed (Tina) while the gongs and bells of tourist and worshiping Buddhist came to see this amazing temple we were in.  Below are some of the questions and answers Tina and I discussed. Between the two of us we have over 50 years combined experience in the global tourism industry. You can be assured the tour guide and career tips is sage advice. Enjoy.

Tour Guide Career Interview Highlights

Tour guide career

Tour Guide Tina and Tourism Tim in the Golden Triangle, Thailand

  • What makes some tour guides better than others?
  • Can you make make a good income from being a tour guide?
  • What are the characteristics of a good tour guide?
  • How do you find tour guide jobs with tour operators and lodge?
  • Do you have to get tour guide training to be a good tour guide?
  • What should you as a tour operator or lodge owner be looking for in a professional tour guide?


What are your #1 tour guide career questions or tips? 

Please post them below the audio player at the bottom of the page in the Facebook Comments window. We’ll get back to you with more answers and advice.


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