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Here’s how you can increase your targeted leads and help your US tourism website ranking fast and for FREE.

The mighty search engine Google has stated over and over that 1-way, inbound links from authority websites is one of the top ways it ranks website higher.

The more inbound links you have, the higher your ranking.

Here’s short video on a new free online directory that allows US-based travel and hospitality service providers to list your company that will give you more 1-way inbound links.

Stand by. Soon I will be sharing some more online directories for travel providers and sellers to list their travel companies for free.

Higher ranking = more targeted prospect and ultimately more sales and profits for you.

Watch this weeks short Tourism Marketing TV with me and see how easy it is list your business fast and for free.

If you are ready to set up your free travel marketing listing now, go to Thumbtack now.

Even if you are not a US based travel or hospitality service provider, there are many free directories like around the world. Do a search for “Free business directory” or Free service directory”, and submit your travel business for free.

To your success, Tourism Tim Warren
PS Next week Tourism Marketing TV will give you another free global directory for lodging, B&B’s, etc.

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