Here’s one of the most powerful secrets to travel and hospitality marketing: (plus a  travel marketing free trial at the end of this article)

Find out what your travel prospects, customers AND Staff want and need — AND GIVE IT TO THEM.

When you know your markets and staff needs, desire, fears and even complaints, you will be in a better position to enhanced relationships and serve them even better.

We are in a “Customer Service” industry, aren’t we?

Here are 6 Top Strategies to Profit from Your Surveys

1: Customer Insights – Measure customer satisfaction. Get feedback on a your existing service level, new products you are considering or learn more about their purchase behaviors.

2: Prospect’s Desires – Poll your prospective customers and find out what they are seeking in new destinations, services, amenities and dream vacations to help you better develop your offerings.

3: Employee Feedback – Conduct employee performance reviews, measure employee satisfaction or gather feedback on issues, attitudes and needs. If your staff isn’t happy and feeling their importance, how can they best serve the needs of our guests or visitors?

4: Event Planning – Manage scheduling, registration and post-event evaluations. Even gather attendee preferences and interests along the way.

5: Education & Training – Online surveys are the perfect tool for Destination Marketing Organizations, special event coordinators, educators, speakers and trainers.  It’s  easy to conduct quizzes, tests and course evaluations online. You can even perform training compliance self-checks.

6: Research A survey tool is as powerful as it is simple. It can be used for all types of research for marketers, product managers, academics and students alike.

        <><> How to  Maximize Your Survey Results<><>

 With tour operators, guides, hotel, B&B, resorts, cruises, I recommend you do your survey right on the spot with a print survey to maximize your responses. When guest leave, it’s much harder to get participation.

For travel agents, DMO’s, CVB’s and everyone else,  including the list above, going online is simple and easy. Online travel customer surveys allows you to chart and track results, including important metrics on your customer or visitor satisfaction, would they come back or use your service again and most importantly, would they recommend you or your destination.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to do surveys online is with One Minute Poll.I have been using it for years and it’s great.

If you have any sort of e-mail list, you can send out a simple survey in less than 15 minutes, even if you have never done it before.

Use this link for a FREE 30-Day Trial


Please let me know what you discover about your market doing your own surveys.

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