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Tourism Marketing Tips for Maximum Leads, Sales and Profits in 2014 – Part II

  Tony the tour operator came so close to his tourism business dream turning into a nightmare… Although online inquiries and sales used to be good, things dropped off… Tony was struggling and was not sure what to do. But using the first three tourism marketing tips in my last Travel Business Success blog post [...]

Travel and Hospitality Business: We Have So Much to Be Thankful For: Award Winning Tour Operators Share Secrets

  Tourism Tim Warren: Travel Business & Marketing Consultant Tomorrow in the United States is Thanksgiving day. We have so much to be thankful for... Look at what we get to do! Tourism is a “life enhancement industry”. Yesterday I was reflecting on 2012 and starting to plan for 2013. There are so [...]

Tourism Customer Service Olympics: How to Sell More Travel Video MP4

  If you want to increase your sales and arrivals, you especially cannot afford to miss this!   Good news. When you apply this 1 simple suggestion you get inside this video, you will be a Gold Medal winner like the Olympians. But you won’t have to work nearly as hard or long. What you [...]

3 Leadership Management Tips for Tourism Pros with Executive Coach Sabrina Braham

According to cutting edge research, your ability to clearly vision your business (dream, purpose, plan, scope), communicate it and enroll your team (including suppliers, vendors, stakeholders, partners), is a best practice of the most successful and profitable businesses in the world. Do you do this? I hate to say it, your abilities (or lack of [...]

Travel Liability Insurance and Risk Management for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

  Adventure Travel Liability Insurance Questions and Answers Tourism Tim Warren Lives Adventure... Are you are a tour operator, travel agent, hotelier, resort, lodge and have questions on travel liability insurance and risk management, especially in adventure travel, you need to listen to this important episode of Travel Business Success Podcast. Click on [...]

Sell More Travel with Packaging for Tour Operators, Destinations, Hoteliers

If you want to fill your shoulder season, create greater awareness for tourism product or destination and increase your revenues on every transaction, you need to listen to this Travel Business Success show on travel packaging. Tim Warren interview Manny Papadoulis with Icon tourism, former owner of a Feature Tours, the largest Western Australian coach [...]

Why Travel Insurance Saves You and Clients Money – AIG Travel Guard

If you sell any type of travel, you should offer the benefits of a travel insurance program to your customers to avoid the problems of credit card charge backs with your customers when they have to unexpectedly cancel, interrupt, or be evacuated from their trip. Over my 17+ years in tourism, this is one of [...]