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2013 Tourism Business Travel Marketing Hospitality Industry Survey with Tourism Tim Warren

  As we near the end of the year, this is the time to reflect on this year and plan for next year. Not only what we have to be grateful for, but also what was challenging, incomplete or not done at all… Thank You I really appreciate everybody from around the world who posted [...]

Tourism Marketing TV with Tourism Tim Warren: Travel Business Marketing Training Announcement

  Today I have important personal news. Plus the winner of the tourism business industry survey and a free webinar announcement that can double your sales in 2012. Do not miss this. Life can change in an instant. I just found out my next older brother Steve has severe cardiovascular disease and is in the [...]

Tourism Tim Warren’s Tourism Marketing – recap and answer to the ROI

  Over the last 17 days I've released SEVEN training videos and ONE audio interview for you... the response to these has been overwhelming. They've been watched and listened to 100’s of times. I've had dozens and dozens of comments on those videos and audio. I've posted many, many personal responses to those comments and [...]

Why Do Some Travel Websites Sell More? Travel Marketing Video

How to Sell More Travel - Especially Online Over the last 3 weeks while interviewing fellow tourism professionals, one critical marketing questions that impacts you has come up. Your opinion is needed today.  See below. The discussion has been about: What has increased your sales and arrivals and what has not?  A clear trend is [...]

How to Recover from Tourism Disasters, Tourism Marketing TV

It was a warm summer day on Feb. 22, 2011. Up until that day, for over 10 years, Phil and Sandi Cooke enjoyed a great lifestyle travel business showing visitors the incredible New Zealand mountains and countryside by 4x4. Guests loved their trips and Phil and Sandi made a good full time living doing what [...]

Ask Tourism Tim Warren Travel Business | Tourism Marketing | Career Questions

Got Questions on How to Start, Grow or Sell Your Travel Business? Ask " Tourism Tim "  Tourism Tim off-road racing in Baja, Mexico with client Maverick Business Adventures Please let me know your #1 travel and hospitality business question on marketing, e-marketing, sales, management, strategic planning, public relations, career and more. Plus [...]

Last Chance for 2009 Travel Industry Business Marketing Survey: How to Make 2010 Your Kick Ass Year

Dear currrent or future travel and hospitality professional; About 3+ weeks ago, subscibers to my Tourism Business and Marketing mini-course,  received an invitation from me, “Tourism Tim”  asking for their opinion on their top travel & hospitality business, marketing and career challenges in 2009? As an incentive, I promised  if you were one of the [...]

Help Deaf and Blind Children

I am at the underground internet marketing conference in los Angeles with Yanik Silver, Founder of the event and founder of my new project Maverick Business Adventures. One of the challenges we made to over 350 attendees was: What can you do with US$100 in the next 24 hours to help the world? We are [...]