What is the one thing 90% of all successful travel and hospitality sellers have in common?

And I define “success” as; they have more prospects, more sales, more arrivals, more profits and more time to enjoy their business, career and family.

The Answer

They all engage in some sort of tourism business and marketing professional development/training on a regular basis. (See below for free travel business and marketing websites)

What if you could be part of that top tier of travel pros, and only had to commit 1 – 2 hours a week to radically increase your sales, profits and career options?

This does not mean you have to read three books every week. If you want to turn your passion for tourism into a fun and profitable business or career, you must improve your knowledge on an ongoing basis because marketing tourism with the Internet and technology is always changing.

Since over 94% travel is researched online, you need understand and apply what you learn or you won’t even be in the game…

Don’t Get Left Behind

Are you really serious about succeeding as a tourism professional?

If not, please unsubscribe now because I only want to help people who are willing to help themselves. I am committed to helping current and future tourism professionals and career seekers succeed who want no BS business and marketing coaching on what works and what is a waste of time.

If you do want to succeed and you want me to encourage you, guide you and even push you a little too ;-), then I have over 40 hours of travel and hospitality business and marketing trainings available for free for now.

Check out this new short video where I will give you 3 free travel business, hospitality marketing and tourism career websites filled with over 40 hours of highly targeted audio and video educational trainings and interviews exclusively to help you start, grow and succeed.

Tourism Marketing is Constantly Changing

Let’s face it; things in the world of tourism marketing are constantly changing. Right?

I am as much a student as I am a teacher to learn what I can in technology, Internet marketing, social media, and so much more. And I certainly don’t know everything.

That’s why I am constantly interviewing top experts with special skills you and I both need. I learn from the experts, and then get to share it and help you. Everybody wins.

How many hours a week do you think really successful business people, sports stars or pilots invest in their profession every week?  Do you think they have coaches advising them on best business practices or giving them regular training? Of course they do. That’s why they are successful, usually wealthy and if they are a pilot, still alive.

It took me a lot of study and practice to learn to fly.  The cost of not succeeding was way to great.

Success Secrets of Adult Learning

Adult learning research confirms that you can learn and excel at anything with a regular investment of time, good role models and applying what you learn. I can predict that if you don’t invest in your tourism professional development, you will fall way behind and struggle with your business. You do not have to do that.

Please take a moment right now to check out this short video, and then go to the links I give you in the video, while these websites posted are still free. They will keep you busy with proven travel business, marketing and advice to help you succeed.

To your Success, Tourism Tim

PS I just got back from Southern California helping my 83 old mom who is recovering from full knee replacement surgery. Ouch! She is doing mostly OK, but it is hard setting up care giving, rehabilitation and medication help from far away. That’s why I was delayed getting out my weekly Tourism Business & Marketing TV tip of the week. Thanks for your understanding. 🙂

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