It was a warm summer day on Feb. 22, 2011. Up until that day, for over 10 years, Phil and Sandi Cooke enjoyed a great lifestyle travel business showing visitors the incredible New Zealand mountains and countryside by 4×4. Guests loved their trips and Phil and Sandi made a good full time living doing what they loved.

The problem is that Phil and Sandi’s business is near CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND, which had a major earthquake this year.

Although there was substantial loss of life in Christchurch, damage to large hotels, many business and residences, there are also many tourism operations that were not damaged.

The media unfortunately only focused on the badly impacted areas, and in doing so, effectively cut off tourist afraid to visit Christchurch.  Visitors stopped completely.

So a bad situation has become even worse. Watch this Tourism Video Now.

That’s why Phil and Sandi sent me a “call for help” email asking for my suggestions and subscribers like you, on how they can recover from this tourism disaster.

Right now or in the past, many of you, your tourism businesses and destinations have been negatively effected by wars, political instability, drug wars, crime, epidemic, corruption and …

How about recession?

None of us is immune to tourism downturns and disasters like New Zealand, Japan, Thailand or …

So what do you recommend Phil and Sandi Cooke do?

What would you do (or do you do now) if this were your situation?

Please share your #1 suggestion below in the comment box.

Join me in helping Phil, Sandi and fellow tourism professionals worldwide. In this episode of Tourism Marketing TV video, I share quick tips and solutions to help you survive and thrive in the wake of tourism disasters.




And even if you are not dealing with disaster now, I bet many of the suggestions I give you will help your travel business be even stronger in today’s uncertain world.

To your success, Tourism Tim

PS My brother Kevin’s adventure travel business in Mexico has to deal with an ongoing bloody drug war with 1000’s of drug dealers being murdered every year. In spite of this, his business and Mexico tourism are doing OK. And in some areas even better because of more aggressive marketing and PR investments, building better relationships with travel agents.

PPS Let’s help Phil and Sandi Cooke, please post your suggestion on how they can increase their sales and revenues @ Travel Business below the video in the comments box. I will collect them and share them with Phil, Sandi and you so we can all survive and thrive in the wake of tourism turbulence.