Warning. I am going to piss off many web designers.

Is your web master costing you sales?? Probably.

A word to the wise on your travel marketing with your website. Keep your web designer on a short leash.

Way too often web masters and designers are so busy trying to make your site so unique or integrate a bunch of new cool web tool, that they over look completely why we are spending lots of money on your travel or hospitality website.

It is to sell travel! It doesn’t matter how awesome it looks.

If your travel website does not grab a prospects interest, compel them to read deeper, share their e-mail or get off their butts to call and e-mail you for more info and give you money, you lose.

Plus your prospective customer loses too because they never got to experience your incredible lodge, awesome tour, visit your life enhancing destination or use your travel consulting services.

Tourism Tim reviews a clients new travel website shows what works, what doesn’t and how you can make your website sell more travel too.

Put into place these same simple suggestions to use in all your travel marketing and you see how you can increase your travel sales and profits too.