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Tripadvisor Tips When You Lose Google Ranking

Back in about 2008, sisters Eng and Buay moved to Bangkok, and over five years they slowly grew their tour business. They created a website, and started growing a decent year round tourism business. Now, there are low seasons and high seasons in Thailand, and their focus was not only on day tours, but also on multi-day tours. Their base was in Bangkok, and let me tell you, it’s pretty [...]

Travel Website Marketing: Why Traffic is NOT the answer to Increased Sales

How many of you think that if you just had better ranking or increased website traffic, you would book more trips, fill more rooms or increase arrivals? A bet a lot of you. This is only partially true…but mostly an illusion that can get real expensive and fast with SEO ( search engine optimization). And even after spending a bunch of time and money trying to increase travel website traffic, [...]

Tourism Marketing Tips for Maximum Leads, Sales and Profits in 2014 – Part II

  Tony the tour operator came so close to his tourism business dream turning into a nightmare… Although online inquiries and sales used to be good, things dropped off… Tony was struggling and was not sure what to do. But using the first three tourism marketing tips in my last Travel Business Success blog post and the three travel business and marketing tips below, his travel business dreams were much [...]

6 Top Travel Marketing Tips to Increase Sales and Profits – Part I

6 Top Travel Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales, Profits and Arrivals AND Lower Marketing Costs Online Guaranteed! Tony, an Asian adventure tour operator, e-mailed me and shared a big challenge he was having in his 20 year old travel business.  Leads and sales were we way down.  He wanted a proposal from me to improve his website, search engine optimization and needed help with Internet marketing, or so he [...]

2014 Tourism Business & Marketing Forecast & Tips to Increase Sales & Arrivals

Here Are 4 Profit-Producing Forecasts to Help Your Tourism Business Succeed in 2014 Plus a preview of the 6 of the most important travel marketing areas to focus your energy for maximum sales, profits, arrivals and lower marketing costs and time   With all the changes happening at Google,  social media, and technology, it's hard to know what you should be working on to grow your tourism business,  Isn't it?  [...]

Tripadvisor Marketing Help Increased Adventure Travel Business Direct Sales 200%

Find Out How 2 sisters Increased Their Direct Bookings 200% and Had Their Best Off-Season Ever in 2012 For Their Soft Adventure and Cultural Tour Company Using Tripadvisor Marketing and Other Tourism Marketing and Travel Business Tips I Recommended, in Spite of Losing 40% of Their Google Ranking...   Thai sisters Eng and Buay dreamed of their own tour business since 2008 when they were tour guides. Over the last 5 [...]

5 Travel Website Sales Conversion Tips

Here are 5 Simple & Easy Travel Website Sales Tips Guaranteed to Increase Leads and Bookings Last week I shared why over 97% of your web visitors are leaving your site and 5 tips on how to increase your travel sales – especially online. Did you go check your website visitor analytics to see how long people are staying on your travel website?  For most of you, one to two [...]

9 Tips to Travel Sales Online – Tourism Website Sales Conversion Secrets

Here's How to Capture More Website Leads and Increase Your Online Travel Sales Without Spending Any More Money   Travel Sales Online Marketing Fact: You are probably missing 97% or more of your potential travel leads and sales that visit your tourism website. Unfortunately the vast majority of travel business website worldwide suffer from this problem.  So many of you are focused on getting higher search engine ranking or more [...]