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Turning the Recession Around – New Tourism Marketing Course Reveals Successful Strategies for Today’s Savvy Travel Marketer


Tim Warren’s innovative step-by-step guide reveals quick and proven tips to increase reach and revenues without additional expense

Sonoma County, CA,  – Lacking sophisticated business and marketing skills, low on business development funds and nowPress center Travel Business Tour operator marketing tips from Tourism Tim Warren plagued by a global recession, many travel business are struggling or worse, going out of business. This has inspired Tim Warren to release his new step-by-step, online course, Tourism Marketing Success which reveals the simple psychological “Buying Trigger Motivators” of today’s travel consumers. The guide demonstrates how successful travel professionals are using this understanding to increase sales and how neophyte marketers can easily apply these principals as well.


Over the last 10 years, Tim Warren, who is also the founder and host of the Travel Business Success, an online radio travel industry show has studied and documented why some travel, tourism, hospitality businesses and destinations have had difficulty, while others seem less affected by fluctuations in the economy, oil prices, and fallout from negative media reporting. His in-depth research and testing of successful global tourism marketing strategies is the basis of  Tim Warren’s book, Tourism Marketing Success,  targeted to assist travel purveyors and destinations increase sales, stimulate arrivals and raise revenues even in tough economy times without increasing advertising expense.


According to Warren, Tourism Marketing Success was created to be an easy-to-follow visual guide tailored directly to the tourism and travel industry professional.  It is full of graphic examples and full step-by-step directions.  “I designed this guide to be simple for anyone to quickly create more effective and profitable websites, brochures, advertising, tradeshow exhibits, postcards, and other promotional materials, even if they have absolutely no marketing experience.”


Warren, author of Tourism Marketing Success, was distressed by seeing the aspirations and dreams of tourism and destination professionals dashed by the economy and lack of innovation. This was the main impetuous behind his desire to share the simple no-cost strategies that successful travel providers are employing to increase inquiries, sales and profits.


He recounts his own life experience noting that many travel and hospitality professionals enter the tourism industry as a lifestyle choice, often overlooking or lacking the critical skills needed to successfully build a profitable business model. “Too many spend a ton of money on marketing and advertising hoping to increase website hits, inquires and revenues, but overlook the single most important key to revenues – sales conversions.  You must turn lookers into inquiries, then into buyers and revenues.”

Warren’s new guide also reveals the top reasons why travel consumers choose one company over another, how to get your clients selling for you and powerful marketing messages that quickly and effectively qualify and enroll prospects from your website and related marketing materials.


Employing lessons learned and the sound principals revealed in his guide, Warren assisted his brother in launching Baja AirVentures, a eco-adventure company in Baja, Mexico. Studying what others around the world did to successfully to market their travel offerings enabled them to grow a once struggling business into one of Baja, Mexico’s most popular eco-adventures lodges, Las Animas Wilderness Lodge. He has since leveraged this experience into helping other travel professionals globally do the same.


Since 1994, Warren has focused on helping travel professionals find reward and success in their businesses. He has been a speaker at numerous travel conferences, a columnist in travel industry publications, a business consultant and the founder and host of the travel industry’s first online radio show, Travel Business Success Online Radio Training Show.


For details on this guide please see:


For more information on Tourism Tim Warren, Tourism Marketing Success, interviews, or jpegs please see:  or call 800-707-7570.




 Millionaire Entrepreneur & Adventure Travel Business Author Seek Stories for Their New “Bucket List” Adventure Travel Book

Sonoma County, CA – Millionaire online entrepreneur / adventure travel enthusiast Yanik Silver and Tim Warren, a tourism andPress center Travel Business and Yanik Silver with Maverick Business Adventures business marketing author have teamed up to write the upcoming adventure travel book “33 Adventures Every Entrepreneur Must Do Before You Die”, and seek short stories and life enhancing adventures by March 15, 2008 from global travel and hospitality professionals, especially if they provide trips on the books’ top 33 adventure list.

Silver and Warren seek compelling examples of how travel, adventure, nature, culture and the people who work in tourism enhance quality of life for travelers for their new book “33 Adventures Every Entrepreneur Must Do Before You Die”.

Accepted submissions will be included in their book, featured on various high traffic websites of Silver and Warren’s, will be interview candidates for Travel Business Success Radio and potential suppliers for silver and Warren’s new business and adventure travel organization Maverick Business Adventures.

The Bucket List of Life Adventures

With the recent success of the movie, “The Bucket List”, Silver launched in January 2008 with the support of Warren, Maverick Business Adventures, that gives highly successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s a whole new way to combine business networking, education, and philanthropy with high end adventure travel. “33 Adventures Every Entrepreneur Must Do Before You Die”, reflects Silver and Warren’s personal “life list” of top experiences and adventures they feel other entrepreneur want to do too.

“As a travel professional for over 17 years, I have long realized that we are in a quality of life business. When we do our jobs well, we are absolutely enhancing quality of life for our guests and visitors to our destinations, which they carry back home as stories, fond memories and greater cultural understanding”, stated Warren who is also the founder and host of the travel and hospitality online radio training show, Travel Business Success Radio. Warren has heard countless incredible stories and experiences from travel suppliers, vendors and their clients about their trips or destinations and wants the world to know about them in their upcoming book.

How Travel & Hospitality Can Get Free Promotion in Upcoming Book

Some of the selected top adventure activities or destination stories they seek from travel professionals and will recommend in their book include: Go on an African Safari, Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Raft the Colorado River, Heli-skiing and Snowboarding, Rock/Ice Climbing, Bungee Jump, Zero G Flight, Swim with dolphins in the wild and 22 more incredible global adventures.

For the rest of Yanik and Tim’s “Bucket List”, more information and submission guidelines, go to 33 Adventures Every Entrepreneur Must Do Before You Die”.

“Submissions must not be marketing/ promotional pieces, but real stories you have seen happen or heard from guests tourism professionals feel represent the “essence of what your adventure or destination has to offer”, stated Warren.

Many of these adventures Silver and Warren have done, are planning on doing personally or will bring clients from their new membership organization, Maverick Business Adventures. They just got back on February 3rd from Baja Racing adventure for their inaugural trip with a group of 26.   Silver stated, “So not only can travel suppliers and destinations get featured in our book, but we may even bring a group of 25 – 30 successful entrepreneurs to them who seek a top of the line “Bucket list experience.”

About Tim Warren and Travel Business Radio
Tim is the host and founder of Travel Business Success Radio a new online media division of Tourism Business, founded in 1994 and located at 1620 Mariner Dr, Sebastopol, CA 95472 in the N. California Wine Country, Sonoma County. Tourism Business which specializes in adventure travel, ecotourism, nature travel and cultural tourism, has assisted over 150 travel companies worldwide increase sales and arrivals in both in the public and private sectors including USAID economic development projects in Mongolia and the Dominican Republic, Nebraska Tourism, Celebrate Virginia and as co-founder of the La Unica Wilderness Lodge in Baja, Mexico.


Contact: Tim Warren
Phone: 800-707-7570



Travel Media Release


How to Boost Sales and Profits in Tourism – Live Webinar

Make it Your Year for Success!

Tourism operators struggling to boost business will learn the secrets to tourism marketing success in a new teleseminar* next month with renowned American tourism expert Tim Warren.

To participate, operators need only call a phone number or log onto the internet – there’s no need to leave work or home.

Tim, who is recognised throughout the USA, Canada and Europe as one of the leading authorities on internet marketing for tourism business, will reveal how to improve customer service and marketing messages, as well as generating positive media coverage.

The course, presented by Australian tourism consultant, Icon Tourism, will show operators how they can easily increase business and profits by making some key changes to the way do business.

“If you want to boost sales and profits, this really is a must-do for tourism businesses of all sizes and types,” said Tim.

As an author, international speaker, writer, tourism consultant, and business coach, Tim offers practical advice that really works.


Tourism Marketing Strategies offered by Tim will include:

Creating win-win relationships with travel agents, travel media and suppliers
–    How to get involved in familiarisation trips
–    How do you qualify agents and travel media
–    The top elements to nclude in all familiarisation trips

How to get your travel clients selling for you:  tourism customer service strategies
–    The #1 form of advertising and how to use it profitably
–    How to implement top customer service before, during and after the trip
–    The difference between internal and external customer service and why is it critical to your success or failure

Sales conversion secrets of marketing and communications
–    Why sales conversion is more important than marketing
–    The “Defining/Credibility Statement” and its importance to your tourism marketing success
–    How to use the “Big 3” in your marketing messages to increase inquiries and sales
–    How to get your best clients selling for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Tim will be joined by Australian tourism marketing leader, Manny Papadoulis who will help businesses improve their relationship with the travel trade.

“Knowing how to work with wholesalers, inbound operators and other members of the tourism distribution system is vital to success in tourism,” said Manny.

“It can make or break your business.”

“This teleseminar is for anyone who wants to develop new markets and tap into major new revenue sources. “

With 25 years experience in the tourism industry running a successful coach touring company, there is no better qualified person to help operators understand the travel trade.

Manny has earned a reputation for excellence in small business tourism development and coaching.

Manny will cover the following important topics:

  • Building relationships with wholesalers, inbound operators, ground operators, destination management companies and other third party intermediaries.
  • Packaging: successful packaging and new dynamic packaging.
  • Working with travel associations and destination marketers: how to get the best out of your tourism association.

Top 2008 Tourism Marketing Strategies teleseminar details are as follows:

Cost         $35.95 US
Date/Time     Perth, Western Australia: Wednesday 5th of March at 9:00amd Western Australia Time
Sydney, Australia: Wednesday 5th of March at 11:00am Eastern Australia Time.
US West Coast: Tuesday 4th of March at 4:00pm US/Pacific Time
US East Coast: Tuesday 4th of March at 7:00pm Eastern US

Book and pay online, then listen by phone or web – you choose

* What is a teleseminar? It’s a convenient way of learning new skills without leaving your offer or home.  It’s as simple as calling a phone number or logging on to a special web page to listen. You don’t have to go anywhere!




Tim Warren:
Phone: 800-707-7570



New 2008 Tourism Internet Marketing – Home Study Course Released


Media Contact:

Primary contact:
Tim Warren
Phone: 800-707-7570


Media Registration:

To opt-in to receive the very latest travel business, tourism marketing and hospitality news and information, please submit your information on our Media / Contact Us Form.


Travel Business Press Releases:


Travel Business Radio Launches the World’s First Online
Radio Podcast Training Academy for Travel and Hospitality Industry Professionals

August 23, 2007, Sonoma County, CA — The wave of tomorrow is here today. Travel Business Radio Podcast has announced the launch of a new online radio training academy Show dedicated to helping current and future global travel & hospitality professionals succeed. Created and hosted by Tim Warren, author of Tourism Marketing Success, the radio Podcasts provide 20 to 40 minute audio training shows on such topics as travel marketing, tourism business planning, hospitality careers, travel E-Marketing, Pay per Click travel advertising, search engine optimization for tourism, hospitality customer service, travel trade show exhibiting, home-based travel business, travel agents and much more.

The audio podcast training shows include case studies, interviews with noted travel and hospitality professionals, sage advice and practical, real-life coaching from Tim Warren, a 14 year veteran in travel business, marketing and E-marketing. The series was created using the latest trends in technology and communication to educate and inspire global travel and hospitality entrepreneurs and career path professionals to think outside the box, be more creative, avoid common mistakes and succeed.

Travel and hospitality, a Large Global  Industries

Travel and hospitality, one of the world’s largest industries, is dominated by small to medium-sized businesses, many single-owner and home-based. In most cases they lack core marketing, online, sales, management, operation and strategic planning skills needed to grow and compete in an ever-changing and expanding marketplace.

“As is often the case, many people get into the travel & hospitality industry filled with passion for travel, a special destination, a particular sport or the love of working outdoors with people, but unfortunately overlook or lack the many business skills needed to be a successful owner, manager or employee,” claims Warren. “That’s what I love about training through Postcasts. Users can download my shows for free, listen to them at home or on the way to work and gain useful information that will improve their performance and chances for success.”

Travel Business Radio Podcast Format

In its new offering, Travel Business will provide semi-weekly downloadable and click to play audio training shows that one may listen to whenever, wherever, and as many times as they want for free. Its Radio Podcasts are available as a XML subscription feed at and are syndicated globally via iTunes, Yahoo, Google and many other online Podcast directories.

About Travel Business Radio

Travel Business Radio Podcast is the new online media division of Tourism Business, founded in 1994 and located at 1620 Mariner Dr, Sebastopol, CA 95472 in the N. California Wine Country, Sonoma County. Tourism Business which specializes in adventure travel, ecotourism, nature travel and cultural tourism, has assisted over 150 travel companies worldwide increase sales and arrivals in both in the public and private sectors including USAID economic development projects in Mongolia and the Dominican Republic, Nebraska Tourism, Celebrate Virginia and as co-founder of the La Unica Wilderness Lodge in Baja, Mexico.

About Tim Warren

Tim Warren has made a career in travel industry marketing as an author, speaker, trainer and consultant. Tim is the author of Tourism Marketing Success and numerous educational information products for travel and hospitality professionals, the former Vice President of the Outdoor Writers Association of California, the marketing columnist for Leisure Group Travel Magazine, a graduate of Leadership Santa Rosa, licensed glider pilot and avid a outdoorsman. Tim can be reached at 800-707-7570 or by email at

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