How Do Savvy Tourism Marketers Gain Global Publicity, Quality Website Prospects and Increase Their Search Engine Ranking for Free?


90% of all millionaire online marketers use the following simple strategy to generate constant streams of free website traffic, promote their products or services and help their organic search engine ranking, all at the same time.

Best part about this strategy is you can use it too, it keeps on working automatically for you 24 hours a day and it is free.

This tourism marketing strategy I am giving you a taste of today is online article publishing.  You may not know this, but there are websites around the world that allow you to publish informational, educational or entertaining short articles about any leisure, travel, recreation or sports topics you want.

You get free publicity, traffic and links; they get free articles they wrap around relevant ads.  It is a big win /win.

Check out this week’s episode of Tourism Marketing TV and learn how you can start using this profitable tourism marketing strategy no matter where you live, fast, easy and for free.

How to Get Free Links to Your Travel Website

The articles cannot be a promotional commercial for your travel or hospitality business or destination. But you do get an “authors resource” box at the end of each article that can be very promotional and include up to two key word filled links to any of your web pages.

One of the top ranked, free article directories I use and recommend is called You can sign up for a free account in 5 minutes and start submitting articles right away.

Free Global Syndication & Search Engine Ranking

Google loves links! One of the most powerful aspects of online article publishing is your articles can be republished by other website publishers who likes your articles, and they must keep your authors resource box with URL links intact. So every one of your article that gets republished, earns you 2 inbound links!  My 21 articles I have published on Ezine articles have earned my over 1030 inbound links over the last 5 years.

Check out the free code below you can use to embed your best key word phrase in your links too.

If you want an easy, no cost strategy that keeps building your website prospects and ranking, then you need to check this out today.

To your success, Tourism Tim

PS. Even if you are not a writer, in a future episode of Tourism Marketing TV, I will show you how you can easily get articles published and syndicated for you on your favorite topics for less than $20 an article.

Anchor Text Formula for Your Authors Resource Box

When you embed key words (anchor text) in your URL links pointed at your webpage, the search engine marketing value of your links goes WAY UP!

As promised in Tourism Marketing TV, here is an example and formula you can swipe to create your own Key Word Anchor Text URL Links.


Fill in the Blanks HTML Code for Your Authors Resource Box


In order to have this HTML code work, you must use this template below exactly as written. Just put your domain and your key words into the space below and you’ll have your own powerful authors resource URL links too. See my samples below to learn how I created one of my authors resource promotions.

  • <a href=”” target=”_new”><strong>Your Descriptive Key Word Anchor Text Here </strong></a>

Tim’s Warren’s Authors Resource – Sample

Tim Warren is the author of Tourism Marketing Success and founder of Travel Business Strategies since 1994.


Tourism Tim’s Warren’s Authors Resource – HTML Code Sample

Tim Warren is the author of <a href=”” target=”_new”><strong>Tourism Marketing Success</strong></a> and founder of Travel Business Strategies since 1994.