Attention Tourism Professionals: #1 Tour Operator Shares Top Social Media Marketing Tips

Have you ever wondered the best type of content to use in your free and paid tourism social media marketing that generates the most quality traffic to your website and bookings?  What about your website. Is it generating all the traffic, leads and bookings you need?

It can be tricky…  Done wrong, you waste lots of money and time.

But done right you can get your best client marketing for you with “content marketing.”

Listen today as one of the top tour operators in the world shares some of his best tips to get a ton of social media views, likes, and social sharing, and help his SEO ranking that generates tons of quality website leads that become bookings over time.

And the best part is, it cost little to nothing but a smart investment of your time.

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 Tourism Social Media Marketing

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Tourism Social media marketing,interview with Mike Brcic

Mike Brcic, Sacred Rides Founder


Join my special guest Mike Brcic, 21 year year adventure travel business veteran and founder of Sacred Rides.  Mike’s tour company has been rated “#1 Mountain Bike Tour Company on Earth”, National Geographic Adventure magazine and “Best Mountain Bike Outfitter” from outside magazine.

He is also the former Dean of Social Enterprise at the Centre for Social Innovation and the former Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Toronto Public Library. Mike says; “Entrepreneurship and launching things are a bit of an obsession, you might say.”  Mike is also very passionate about Tourism Social Media Marketing and specifically user generated “Content Marketing”. 

Why? Because it works. 

The podcast jumps right into “content marketing” and how Sacred Rides use it to build their brand, get the most excited clients selling for them and save a ton of money on paid social media advertising for their global tour business.

Tourism Social Media Marketing Show Highlights:

User generated content marketing Your Target Market Loves

  1. Why your customer’s photos, videos and blog post are most effective in your Tourism Social Media Marketing
  2. Why free “Authentic” non-professional video can be more effective than expensive videos
  3. How to position yourself as an “expert in your space”


Facebook Tourism Social Media Marketing

  1. How to use promoted posts in FB to drive quality traffic to websites
  2. How to get 100% or more of your FB audience to see your posts organically
  3. How to use Hashtags to get your content shared


How to Do Effective Content Marketing for Your Travel Business

  1. What is the type of content your customers are looking for?
  2. How to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to target high value/ high volume key words
  3. How to search engine optimize your target key words to earn page 1 ranking and lots of quality web traffic for free
  4. How to get your staff to create valuable relevant content for your blog.
  5. Why embedding video into your blog (your own or someone else’s relevant content) will increase your ranking.
  6. How to get more bookings with Social Media and Content Marketing

Tourism Website Marketing & Social Proof:

  1. Why testimonials are their #1 source of referrals and low cost business growth.
  2. TripAdvisor badge prominent on every page
  3. Why earning awards from media helps book trips
  4. What is the hierarchy of types of testimonials?
  5. Why video testimonials are the most effective
  6. What is the best type of emotional video testimonial to capture

Tourism Marketing Strategy: Website Tips

  1. Why you do not have to be a “tech master” to market travel online.
  2. Does your website need to be super fancy to increase sales?
  3. Why the “Psychology of Selling Travel” is more important than a pretty website
  4. Find out what the “driver” are that motivate your clients to a want a peak experience with you.


What is your #1 Travel, Hospitality or Tourism Marketing Strategy or Social Media Marketing Question or Comment?

Please post them at the bottom of the page in the Comments window. We’ll get back to you with more answers and advice to help you succeed.