by “Tourism Tim” Warren

Does this statement sound at all familiar?

“ I am spending tons of money for travel advertising, and I am not getting enough new clients or arrivals. What do I do?”

Most people are so focused on travel websites traffic or generating leads, they overlook the most important aspect of advertising – SALES CONVERSION.

Travel advertising and any form of tourism promotions – without a strong focus on converting prospects into new inquires and sales  – is big waste of your time and money!

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Here’s some top ways most fail at travel advertising and sales conversion.

1.    Focus on Traffic and Branding

Spend 90% of your advertising money on image branding, top search engine ranking and pay per click (PPC). Even though it cost you 3 times more to be #1in PPC, you are higher than your competitor. You figure if your name is out there everywhere, you will naturally increase sales.

2.    Use Hi-Tech Goodies Your Webmaster Recommends

Change your website to integrate the latest flash animation and hi tech goodies that your Webmaster recommends. Even though the key elements of your trips are not immediately displayed, your Webmaster assures you visitors will go deeper into your website and certainly have the latest web browser needed to view your website.

3.    Testimonials on a Dedicated Sub Page on Your Site

You know word of mouth testimonials are the best way to get prospects considering your travel. You create a special sub page that links from an interior trips page so everyone can read your happy client comments. You know when they find these great quotes; they’ll call or visit.

4.    Your Business Logo Dominates Your Ads

Make sure that your website, trade show booth or display ads, clearly communicate Joes Jolly Jaunts and is not confused with your competitor, Fred Fun Fantasies.  So you make sure that your logo and business name dominate 50% of all your advertising.

5.    Don’t Believe in New Trips, Specials or Deals

Your family has offered the same trips since 1952 and you are not interested in developing new trips. You feel that offering last minute deals will upset people already booked and will compromise your bottom line.

6.    Your Sister Handles Reservation & Customer Service

Even though your sister is not really a “people person”,  you put her on phones to answer questions and take reservations so she won’t have to deal with people in person. She seems to do OK, plus you are too busy to find someone else to train and manage.

7.    There’s a Profit at the End of the Year

Although your accountant keeps telling you that your advertising ratio to sales is not great, you hate paper work and don’t understand Quickbooks©. If there’s profit, you’re #1 in Google Adwords and your advertising rep said you have good coverage, then you’re OK.

Real Travel Advertising Success Strategies

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Authors Credit:
Tim Warren is the author of Tourism Marketing Success and the host of the award winning travel & hospitality industry online training show; Travel Business Radio Podcast. Travel Business Success Radio gives you free tips, downloadable audio trainings, coaching and Tim’s business and marketing mini-course, Tourism Business Success (TBS) all guaranteed to help you succeed.

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