I first met Terry Prichard and his wife Nancy Mertz in the late 90’s at “Confluence”, a trade show run by America Outdoors. Terry and Nancy were a lot like many new tour operators I met. They had a passion for travel, experience in the outdoors, and wanted to be self-employed.

They were experienced rafting guides and dreamed of having a travel business to share sea kayaking magic in British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately they did not have a lot of experience in business, marketing or sales… This caused some early struggles for the young Sea Kayak Adventures.

Guests loved their trips and the passion that Terry and Nancy clearly had. The problem Terry and Nancy realized was that their lack of marketing skills was disabling their dream travel business.  If they couldn’t effectively communicate the incredible beauty, quality, and personalized experience they offered in their brochure and website, they wouldn’t sell trips. No sales. No business. Luckily they realized they needed a mentor/guide.

They learned new marketing and e-marketing strategies and took action. Their travel business continues to win awards, recognition and many happy customers. In fact, business is so good they recently expanded into Patagonia. Go Terry and Nancy!


Join me (Tourism Tim) as I interview National Geographic Adventure Magazine’s, one of the “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” and  2011 Travel Business Success: Travel Website Sales Superstar Winner, Nancy Mertz Prichard. Nancy shares insights on how two soul mates can combine their passion for the outdoors, learn about marketing and create a great life enhancing business that’s fun and has been a profitable adventure for them both.

Travel Business Tourism Marketing Success Series Highlights

  • How long-term relationships with customers, staff, media and stakeholders is great for business


  • Why collaborating with competitors is good for your bottom line


  • The importance of the superior guest services
  • How your experience combined with your passion creates Credibility that Sells Travel.
  • The three keys of a successful tourism business.
  • Future opportunities in buying seasoned travel companies with a good brand.

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Ben and is now wife Jaya Marr had no business experience.  In fact, Jaya didn’t even like marketing or sales. Luckily they found a guide to help them scale the competitive travel business landscape. Jaya now enjoys marketing and business has been so good they recently expanded into Alaska from Patagonia.

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