Here are 5 Simple & Easy Travel Website Sales Tips Guaranteed to Increase Leads and Bookings

Last week I shared why over 97% of your web visitors are leaving your site and 5 tips on how to increase your travel sales – especially online.

Did you go check your website visitor analytics to see how long people are staying on your travel website?  For most of you, one to two minutes is average.

The sad truth is that 60% – 80% of you reading this right now, the majority of your web visitors stay on your travel website 1 minute – or less.    

So if you are wondering why your travel website does not generate more leads and sales…. this is part of the reason why.

Successful Travel Websites Establish Trust & Credibility Fast

The #1 reason why a stranger might be engaged in your travel website or marketing message, and decide you MAY be a good choice and want to stay connected is – trust. 

Establishing trust and credibility in less then 7 seconds – especially on your travel website – is one of the most important lessons I have learned in marketing tourism for over 20 years. When you can communicate trust effectively and fast, you will generate more leads and sales guaranteed. 

Here are two trainings I recommend to learn how to do this on your travel website and all your travel marketing.

Tourism Marketing Success Online Program and the 5 travel website sales conversion tips in this video you do not want to miss.

5 Travel Website Sales Conversion Tips Covered in this Video Training

  1. Online Live Support
  2. Email Opt-in ad capture Le”Freemium” – Newsletters are boring, low opt-in rate
  3. Reservation forms: keep them simple, multi-step works best
  4. Book Later Button: brief over view
  5. Advanced: Google Display Ad Remarketing

Remember, before you spend ANY money on advertising your  travel website, SEO or paid traffic, make sure your travel website generates and captures leads so you can convert them into customer over time.

If  you did not see part one of this travel website sales conversion tips training, watch it here and prosper. Please let me know what you think about this topic and what your experience is with your travel website sales below.

What Are Your Top Travel Website Sales Conversion Challenges?

Please post them in the COMMENTS BOX below so I can answer them. Then everyone can learn & prosper.