Here is the sad truth about most websites, mine included, they don’t yield as many new inquiries,Tourism Tim Warren dog sledding in Alaska email newsletter sign ups, phone inquiries or sales as we would like…

Can you relate?

This is frustrating considering over 94% of ALL Travel and vacation decisions are now researched online.

Since all the action is online, your website should be your #1 tourism marketing strategy, shouldn’t it?

Free Online Tourism Marketing Videos: Last Segment

That’s why I have been putting more energy into coaching clients and sharing videos with you on “How to Make Your Travel Website Sell”.

This is the final segment of the 5-part video coaching series with Alaska Tour Guide Doreen Toller I have been sharing with you over the last 5 weeks.

Each of the 5 short segments goes step by step through simple yet critical elements that must be in your website to help you increase inquiries, arrivals and sales. Best part about these tips is they are simple, usually free and when you apply them to your site, you will increase sales too.

Sincerely hope you have taken the time to go through parts 1 -4 already? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

How to Make Your Travel Website Sell, Part 5 Highlights:

* Top Alaska Tour Guide owner Doreen Toller gets one on one coaching from Tourism Tim on how to make her travel website sell.
* Specifics: Web design to grab attention
* How to increase your newsletter signups
* Social media tools you must have on your travel website
* Putting the tips into action & recommended online resources.

You got into the travel and hospitality field to make money doing what you love, right?

We are in a quality of life business (yours and your clients). But it’s hard to enhance quality of life when you can’t pay your bills or staff… So let’s make some money doing what you love.

Getting your website to convert web visitors into prospect and sales should be on the top of your list if you are really serious about succeeding in tourism.

Make a commitment today to yourself and loved ones that you will invest in your education, your business and quality of life.

You are worth it!

Enjoy the videos. Part 5 is on this page. To see parts 1 – 4, search in the “Categories” drop down bar on the right for the category “Websites that Sell”

To your Success, Tourism Tim

PS Be sure to leave your comments and top questions BELOW in the “Comments” section on this page on what additional help and topics you need to grow your travel business and career.

PPS I have made some breakthrough discoveries on how to easy use “Social Media” to increase inquiries and sales, without a lot of time and money. Look for my insight and my own embarrassing website sales conversion admission soon.